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  • All packages built from and including SimpleBlog now contains a completely dynamic filtering mechanism for robots. This will prevent too many sessions to get created from robots as well as not create clickstream entries.  Anyone can add to the list of user agents they wish to prevent just by adding them into the database and bounce the server.
  • All packages built from and including SimpleBlog now contains a much better handling of clickstream logging making sure the processing of new clickstream entries is much more efficient.
  • Simple Blog now supports text message blogging. Have fun with it! Comments: I sent created this entry via a simple text message. I added text message blogging using the Android applications I have been developing. I will soon release a specific Android application that allows you to use your own Android phone to act as a SMS gateway for anyone to blog through. I will add a filter functionality to allow you to only post messages using specific keywords so that you can still use your phone as normal.
  • Today bulk emailing was introduced in SimpleBlog. It allows you to email all your users and provide you with different slices of these. It runs with a simple little script in the background to provide better stability. I suggest you only run this during nights as the load on servers usually increases when you run email scripts.
  • The registration flow is now completed integrated into SimpleConference and fully functional. The online payments are linked into the framework as well as a very extensive solution to handle every aspect of registrations. 
  • SimpleBlog from today contains a complete translation flow for all content. It also contains a much more improved control for what translation links are shown and if posts are cross posted for all languages immediately.
  • Simple Blog today supports multiple languages out of the box. You just provide the comma separated string with the languages you wish to support. Currently SimpleBlog comes with English, Spanish and Kaqchikel.
  • The title should say it all. You can now upload photos either individually or separately. All those photos are shown under /photos and the link automatically appears when you upload the first photo.
  • Yep it is true. You can now add your own link section. It is a pretty extensive framework for links allowing you to create portfolios with all the relevant information. Have fun with them!
  • SimpleBlog today released a very convenient way to import all content from your old Wordpress blog. It is a simple little script that imports all posts from your previous Wordpress blog on an author by author basis. You only need to run a few simple SQL statements inside PhpMyAdmin or your favorite MySQL tool.