Simple Blog RoR efficient, powerful, yet lightweight blog system in RoR

Simple Blog RoR is live!

Posted Dec 22, 2010
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It's alive. The blog framework I started to build a few  days back in the evenings. It has some very impressive features and is incredbly light-weight yet very powerful.

I released version 1.0 today!

Simple Blog RoR also is very tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter allowing for seamless integration with those platforms. It allows login via Facebook out-of-the-box. Additionally there is a lot of other support such as:

  • multiple categories,
  • tag suggestion,
  • aggressive spam prevention
  • threaded comments
  • clickstream
  • full SEO integration
  • localization of the entire interface
  • email posting
  • efficient caching using memcache
  • other extensive social features as favoriting 
  • stores all uploaded images on S3
  • efficient comment notification framework to foster dialogue

Have fun testing it!


    Trying again!  Especially interested in comment notification features.

      It is pretty simple. I just use instance methods when I create the comments. The comment after create method calls for the notification actions on the parent object to make sure I can configure the reply nicely.

    How can someone use this blog platform to create their own blog, with individual design options/elements?

      The next feature being developed is the availability to have theming of the templates. Right now I only allow CSS theming but I do want to allow HTML templating as well.