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Bulk emailing now in SimpleBlog

Posted May 15, 2011
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Today bulk emailing was introduced in SimpleBlog. It allows you to email all your users and provide you with different slices of these. It runs with a simple little script in the background to provide better stability. I suggest you only run this during nights as the load on servers usually increases when you run email scripts.


    Y at-il un moyen de signaler un site Web pour avoir violé le droit d'auteur des articles et des images?
    People post links to websites that have (for example) live streaming football and they nearly always have .blogspot. in the link. When I follow these there is just match details and adverts, no football (even when I know the game is being played). Do I need to install something or sign up to something?. wish you luck
    Anda telah menyelesaikan beberapa poin yang baik di sana. Saya melakukan pencarian pada tema dan menemukan mayoritas orang akan memiliki pendapat yang sama dengan blog Anda.