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  • Today bulk emailing was introduced in SimpleBlog. It allows you to email all your users and provide you with different slices of these. It runs with a simple little script in the background to provide better stability. I suggest you only run this during nights as the load on servers usually increases when you run email scripts.
  • Yep it is true. You can now add your own link section. It is a pretty extensive framework for links allowing you to create portfolios with all the relevant information. Have fun with them!
  • A few weeks back I launched the first version of SimpleConference. It is a complete framework for conferences. It allows you to have yearly conferences and a fully flexed model for registrations with online payments etc. It will be tested for a conference in Guatemala and it is already live at I will soon release more details about this framework and other software packages currently being developed.
  • It's alive. The blog framework I started to build a few  days back in the evenings. It has some very impressive features and is incredbly light-weight yet very powerful.
  • SimpleBlog today released a very convenient way to import all content from your old Wordpress blog. It is a simple little script that imports all posts from your previous Wordpress blog on an author by author basis. You only need to run a few simple SQL statements inside PhpMyAdmin or your favorite MySQL tool.
  • I have added a standard terms of use to Simple Blog. It will adjust automatically to your selected blog name so you do not have to edit it. It should cover basic blogs, but will not suffice for more advanced blog. It does also include basic community guidelines. Note: It includes an extension to add static HTML pages which might be extended as a framework.
  • Simple Blog now makes use of a complete atomized approach of stylesheets to improve the performance further.
  • Well it is pretty straightforward. I added a variable to show the blog link when you have selected a post or page inside the settings.yml file. This allows for better control of the menu bar.
  • Today I launched Twitter Connect as a native part of SimpleBlog. You can now register and login using your Twitter account.
  • You can now add your own styles using CSS to customize the look-and-feel. If you create a file custom.css you will be able to create your own styles. As custom.css you can safely update the code base after you have styled your blog with it.